Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We occasionally get feedback from customers about negative online reviews and comments. The sites like ,, and others like them  are predator sites. After they  post a negative review about a business, then they contact the business offering to make the negative reviews go away for a monthly fee. The BBB sent out a letter on the 19th of February to the BBB members about avoiding digital blackmailers.  This is the new digital blackmail and we at Colony Cargo, LLC absolutely refuse to pay blackmail money to these jerks. We have a Better Business Bureau link on our site and invite customers to check us out with the Better Business Bureau. This is where legitimate people post problems and comments about legitimate businesses. We sell several hundred trailers a year and will be glad to furnish unvarnished customer and business references. We are also a member of the Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Chamber of Commerce and they will also give you information about Colony Cargo, LLC and others dealers in the area.


  1. I am a customer of Colony Cargo Trailers as well as a small business owner.
    I too have been the target of the predatory companies that host false accusations & attempt to " clean things up " for a monthly fee.
    The way I see it, I would not want business from a potential customer who gave credibility to gossip.

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  4. I am getting ready to make my first ever trailer purchase. I read the reviews in question and the thing that stands out the most is how uneducated these people are. I did weeks of research on exactly what I will need for a mobile coffee shop. Talked to the local health departments and fire Marshall's, other vendors etc. The way I see it, if my generator is too small or the trailer is overloaded to one side, that's on me. I am relying a little on the expertise of the manufacturer but at the end of the day, they are building it to MY specifications. User reviews always have to be taken with a grain of salt...