Monday, August 16, 2010


Colony Cargo has partnered with one of our Manufacturers to bring you an all tube, solid wall constructed trailer. We are always searching for new ways to raise the bar on quality and this is it.

Manufacturers usually use one of three frames or combination's of the three, with each frame suited for it's use and purpose.

Most manufacturers have very few problems with the base frame and there will be very little difference in the materials used. The difference in manufactures is in the wall and floor construction. Differences to consider are:

1. The distance between the wall posts are important. Most manufacturers build using a sixteen on center plan, although inferior manufacturers may go to twenty-four on center to reduce costs. This will sacrifice the structural integrity and cause the wall to flex, possibly bending. In addition to the structural issues, it is more than likely for the fastening system to degrade over time due to this movement. This means screws enlarging their holes and coming unfastened and being unable to replace the screw because of the enlarged holes. On the smooth sides, the panel is more likely to become unattached from the post.
2. Manufacturers are split on the materials used for all construction. The best built products are constructed using box steel tube. The lesser brands will use a hat post and some will even use "z" channel mixed with hat post.("Z" channel is a hat post cut in half). Due to reduced strength and rigidity of hat post and "z" channel construction, all the problems outlined in item one can occur.
3. Normally sixteen on center is used for the floor, but some lesser brands will use a twenty-four on center to reduce costs.
4. Most manufacturers use three quarter inch plywood for the flooring, but some lesser brands will use one half inch. The better brands use three quarter inch treated plywood.
5. Most manufacturers use Z-Tech undercoating to keep the moisture off of the plywood and undercarriage.

We at Colony Cargo hope you found this article useful and informative. We are an established internet dealer, selling in excess of 700 trailers a year and want you to rely on our experience to get the trailer that fits your need. As a volume dealer we can offer a better price and service.