Monday, December 27, 2010


When someone tells you that they are selling to you direct, at factory cost, they are lying to you. Every trailer sold has to have a dealer license # on the Certificate of Origin. The factory is not set up as a licensed dealer and is not set up to handle sales tax issues. They might have a dealer located in the factory or a dealer that is working from home and  you go to the factory to complete the transaction. Direct to the factory, where you never see the person that sold you your trailer. You then find yourself at a distinct disadvantage if you encounter problems with licensing or warranty. Our most notable factory direct seller has 13 unresolved Better Business Bureau complaints against them. A reputable trailer sales group has a presence in the community and a permanent location to serve you. DO NOT BE MISLEAD...EVERYONE PAYS A DEALER!!  Be sure and check out the direct sellers with the Better Business Bureau. Shop safe.

Tim Woods
Colony Cargo, LLC


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  3. Please view the pictures in this cannot make this stuff up...

    BUYER BEWARE…I suggest Colony Cargo Practice Quality Control in the production and delivery of their custom trailers. It would also be beneficial to all involved if the owner Tim Woods practices the “Christian Values” that he bases his business on.
    I have been a customer of Colony Cargo since 2010.
    I have purchased 6 trailers since then and brought a friend with me this LAST TIME who also purchased a trailer. I understand that we do not live in a perfect world and production trailers are not going to be delivered 100% perfect. With that said I always accepted the delivery and Tim and I would work out any serious issue and chuckle about “the next time we’ll get it right”.
    With the most recent build I ordered concession doors installed in the sides, along with a number of other items that were important to me. I received the call that the trailer was ready and paid for the trailer to be delivered from Fitzgerald GA to Ocala, Fl, approx. 325+miles.
    The trailer was delivered as agreed and immediately put into storage as I was leaving for vacation.
    I started the new year with the intention of outfitting the trailer for scheduled work.
    The first thing that was obvious was the Concession doors on the right side were stubborn to open….”I mean like stuck closed”, The Jack was welded 3 inches short of where I needed it, The Battery box for the brakes was mounted 2 inches above the tongue, interfering with the installation of an item on this end, one month after delivery the Tongue is rusting as a result of only a dusting of paint being applied, The return Spring cables on the ramp door are not adjusted equally, one of the concession door Latch’s on the left side is broken, the Concession doors on the left side did not have the gas prop rods installed to match the right side…homemade supports were substituted in a slap dash manner.
    I’m sad to say, Tim Woods is not the nice guy that he comes across to be. He has no appreciation for loyal customers. The reason I state this is after noting the deficiencies in this unit, I wrote an email to Tim Woods, listing the issues and asking that he tell me what the plan would be to resolve the issues.
    His reply was a one liner (Jim, I forwarded your email to the warranty dept at Arising Industries. Tim )
    I have never had a response from Arising Industries or a follow up from Colony Cargo
    So remember...BUYER BEWARE....